offcourt antics

6 million in 6 Seconds

The great thing about tennis is that a lot can happen in six seconds. You can capture that moment a player has been working toward their entire a career: winning a championship point, the moment of frustration when things just aren’t going their way, or those candid off court moments. As I hit 6 million loops on vine–by far the majority thanks to “the tennis,” I thought what better time to look back on a few of my favorite posts.

Given how serious they can be on the court, it’s always great to see players having fun when not having to save match points.

Personally, I always enjoy getting a sneak peek into what is going through a player’s head mid-match, and these vines were a couple of my favorite candid changeover moments from Novak and Andy.

Exchanges between players and the chair are always entertaining, sometimes controversial, and make perfect vine material.

Ultimately, it is the passion and dedication of the players that make this sport what it is. Some of my favorite vines are the “in the moment” reactions from the players that really show just what this sport means.

Oh Serena, where do I begin? She is the player that launched a thousand gifs, loops, and memes. A couple of my favorite Serena vines include her return to Indian Wells in 2015, as well as the 6 second Serena slam.

And of course the vine that started it all. The one, the only, Jelena Jankovic: