Point:Counterpoint Serena Williams vs. Maria Sharapova 2015 Australian Open Final

serena_ccfhAO maria_dropshotAO

serena_aceAO serena_acerainAO

serena_bhspAO serena_ace2ndsetAO

serena_ace2ndsetAO serena_aceAO2nd serena_defenseansfh maria_aceAO serena_ace2AO maria_returnAO serena_acedowningameAO Serena_acebacktobackAO

serena_acesavesgameAO maria_fhdtl serena_acedownAO serena_acebackAO serena_3rdaceAO

maria_fhcenterAO maria_ccFHAO serena_2ndsetaceAO maira_fhchampAO serena_acelate2nd serena_acelate2ndAO maria_returnTBAO serena_returnTBAO serena_aceTBAO serena_returnAOtb maria_2ndmpAO serena_champaceAO


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